How to Pick Wedding Reception Venues

With all the joy, excitement and emotions felt during the whole process of wedding planning, many couples tend to visit one or a couple of wedding venues and sign a contract right away. But little do they know that this can be a foolhardy move, especially when all logistics have not been considered.

Several specifics need to be carefully thought about on how to pick wedding reception venues. How many guests will attend? Will you have a big or a small intimate wedding? What theme will be followed?

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The answer to these questions and others will help you in choosing the most ideal venues out of your list. Granted that this is your big day but still, there are guests that you have to consider. For instance, if there are small children in the family, a destination wedding might not be a good idea. On the other hand, if plenty of elderly relatives will attend, a beach wedding will not do you any good. Of course, pleasing everyone is not completely possible but some concessions need to be made.

So, what are other things that you need to consider on how to pick wedding reception venues?

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Reception Hall

Reception halls are not one size fit all as this will depend on your invited guests. Just make sure that you choose one that has enough room to accommodate everyone while still making them feel comfortable. See to it that you also visit the hall before the ceremony itself because the space can look big when vacant but things may change when the fundamentals are added, such as the tables, chairs, and such.


Setting the mood is made possible by using the correct lighting. For daytime weddings, see to it that the venue has plenty of windows because will never like the idea of spending time inside a darkened room when the sun shines brightly outdoors. For night weddings, make sure that the place has enough lighting. It should also be controlled for the entrance of the couples, dinner and dancing. Visit wedding venues at the similar time of the day that your ceremony will be held to get a better perspective.


Majority of your guests are going to arrive in their cars so look for a venue with ample parking.

It is a given that your wedding day is extra special but it will be better if you allot a year for planning the event. Remember these essential pointers on how to pick wedding reception venues and use your head for making a decision, not your heart.

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